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Here at Woodies I am passionate about my work and delivering one-off, tailored to your spec products. My advice will cost you nothing as I'm always looking for a new challenge!


I create and produce custom carpentry for your domestic environment, in the home or business.


Have an Idea?

You may have had an idea or a dream to improve your home or premises and may not be sure how to go about it or where to start.


I can help you improve your ideas and bring them into reality with my Professional Carpentry and Joinery skills.


About us

Enriching Your Home

This is where I strive to complete your dream for your home and maybe input with exciting ideas. It could be a bespoke kitchen, show units, real wood flooring, doors & windows, custom decking, garden snugs, studio's and offices or stair cases.



Optimize your Space?
Most homes have areas where junk piles up and it can start looking cluttered. Or maybe a kitchen that just does not work as you would like.


I can improve these rooms with clever space saving ideas and keep everything more organized and easy on the eye.




Can't Find What you Want in the Shops?
At times shopping for new projects for your home can be frustrating.

Many products you look at may have something that you don't like or even though it looks good, it will not quite work within your home or match your idea.

Maybe I can help?
By sitting down with you and taking the time to find out about what you want from your product e.g. size, style, colour and finish, I can produce a custom or bespoke wood feature that will work well.

I hope this brief introduction has helped you in your thoughts about your dreams and ideas for your home.
Please feel free to browse my ever growing gallery and Carpentry Joinery testimonials and make use of my contact page.


Or why not make a visit to my woodwork shop in Weston-super-Mare Somerset for a chat about your project and ideas?

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